Rosa Cristina Parra

Director of Mobilization and Projects



T @rosacris

"Rosacris", aka the spider, is a social communicator and journalist, has a master’s degree in public administration and she is currently doing a doctorate in socioformation and knowledge society.

She defines herself as a woman, mother, citizen and public servant. She is also a grandmother of two dogs, a walker, daughter of a cook and promoter of plant-based food

He has 22 years of experience in journalism and communication. She specialized in professional practice in communication for development, after working for about 10 years with different agencies of the United Nations in Colombia, UNAIDS - PAHO / WHO - UNICEF, ILO-IPEC as director and head of communications .

She became # Laaraña, after she was general coordinator of the global mobilization against  Farc in 2008, which took place simultaneously in 183 cities in the world, and promoted the active participation of about 14 million people in a process that was managed for a month on different virtual platforms.

She has also been coordinator and activist in citizen mobilization processes such as the NO MORE movement, All for Education, Peace on the Street, Digital Brigade, KITUM humanitarian activism, among others.

She is a trainer, activist and promoter of inclusive communication with a gender focus and communication approach to risk management. She is passionate about citizen laboratories, for public and social innovation and assumes herself as a profound Latin American citizen.

She´s been living in Mexico since 2011. She worked in the Ministry of the Interior, in the National Institute for Federalism and Municipal Development and the Attorney General's Office of the Republic. She has also been a consultant and advisor in political communication, public communication and citizen mobilization in different processes in Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia and Cuba.