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El Avispero

In Spanish, this means “hornet’s nest”. El Avispero is a community of agents of change that promote initiatives and campaigns that foster citizen leadership. The goal is to articulate and foster concrete actions for the construction of a diverse, active, caring, and sustainable Colombia.

Bajémosle al tonito

The literal meaning here is “Let’s tone down our voices.” This is a virtual test led by USAID, ACDI/VOCA in the frameworks of the Alianzas para la Reconciliación PAR- and Movilizatorio programs.

Its objective is to create awareness and measure the levels of aggression in Colombian youngsters between the ages of 18 and 30, both in daily life and in soccer.

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Diciendo y haciendo

Literally, “Saying and Doing”, the practical equivalent of the English “Said and done”. Backed by Heart for Change, the Swedish Embassy and the United Nations Development Program, UNDP, the main goal here is to test whether it is possible to activate youth leadership through the search of local solutions with the use civic technology.

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Cita a Ciegas

“Blind Date” is an online campaign that seeks to close gaps among Colombians. The objective of Cita a Ciegas focuses on mobilizing youth in various cities and contexts in the country for putting oneself in somebody else´s shoes, the aim being to spark reconciliation through the experience of bringing together urban and rural realities.

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Modelo de Ciudadania - Participa+

This project seeks to strengthen relationships between organized citizens and their public institutions. The model guides citizen involvement actions along the lines of citizen leadership, incidence, and open government.

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The name translates roughly as “Lead yourself together with others”. This project promotes the development and co-design of off-line protocols for the protection of male and female leaders, human rights defenders, environmental defenders, activists, and journalists.

 We aim to create and strengthen support networks and democratize security for the entire population, to transform regional rationales, and to encourage citizen participation for the benefit of the community.

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Guardians Of the Forest

Guardians of the Forest is a global reach digital communication campaign that focuses on areas such as Mexico, Central America, Brazil, and Indonesia.

The goal is to create awareness on the key role of indigenous communities in the protection of forests, biodiversity, and the mitigation of climate change -  common challenges faced by us all.

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Paz en Construcción

Peace under Construction is a project financed by Alianza para la Tecnología Cívica – ALTEC and executed by Fundación Mi Sangre and Movilizatorio.

The objective is to empower youth to participate in the construction of peace in Colombian territories through the development of a model of online/offline mobilization of citizens.