Natalia Ochica

Internship at Strategic Alliances


T @Natalia2494

Natalia is a student of Government and International Relations with knowledge in Public Management, Policy Maker, Formulation and Evaluation of projects and international affairs of the Externado University of Colombia, she has had a good performance during her career. She has an adequate management of interpersonal relationships and great willingness to listen and help others.

She loves listening to music, play volleyball, travel and is obsessed with shopping. She is an optimistic, cheerful, kind and friendly person, therefore she likes to interact and talk a lot with people.

During 2018 she carried out two volunteer activities; the first was with the AISEC organization in Brazil, teaching English to low-income children in the city of Santos, and the second was with the Vive Bailando Foundation supporting the area of social projects.

Currently, she is an intern for Movilizatorio in the area of Strategic Alliances. She carries out various ways of research - for example, analysis of context, development of theoretical frameworks, methodologies, indicators and acts as a support member of a team or project.

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