Maria Juliana Jiménez

Junior Strategist


Maria Juliana is caleña, she is an anthropologist at Icesi University. During her professional career she had the opportunity to research topics related to social design, and innovation in project management and social entrepreneurship. Thanks to this, in the company of a design doctor, she was able to publish a fieldwork guide for designers interested in understanding a less consumerist and more human-centered design.

She is passionate about analyzing what happens with the situation of imprisonment and therefore her undergraduate thesis focused on developing an ethnographic exercise that would make visible the experiences of women deprived of freedom. On the other hand, she is interested in Visual Anthropology and the communicative power of the media and the information channels that involve the collaborative work of the communities.
Maria Juliana has always been interested in reading and therefore devotes much of his time to books. She has no problem with learning new things, because the management and construction of knowledge are engines that give dynamism to her life.