Juliana Cubides Sánchez

Project Coordinator.

E juliana.cubides@movilizatorio.org

T @JulianaCubidesS

Juliana is a Sociologist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, where she showed herself worthy of the Order of Academic Merit. Her academic and professional experience as a social researcher focuses on issues of memory, rural development and territorial conflicts from theories and approaches of development.

She has experience in the construction of collaborative methodologies for the strengthening of social initiatives, in the participatory planning of the territory with rural communities, in the accompaniment of training processes with children and young people, and in the development of research to systematize experiences.

She is a committed woman, with great capabilities to work in interdisciplinary teams and with a permanent willingness to contribute and learn. She is constantly seeking spaces to contribute from its academic and personal abilities in the strengthening of local capacities, the management and execution of community projects and social research, always from a critical, creative and proactive approach. She is currently part of the Movilizador Team as Project Coordinator. She speaks English and Spanish.