Juan Sebastian Bastidas

Project manager

E juan.bastidas@movilizatorio.org

Juan Sebastián is an anthropologist with interest in individual and social behaviour. Understands communication and media as a mean to promote social changes regarding structural problems. Innovation and creativeness linked with local, national and global perspectives is mandatory for this process. In accordance to the foregoing, he has pursued two postgraduate studies: A Specialization in Organisations, Social Responsibility and Development (Los Andes University), and recently, a Msc Media, Communication and Development in London School of Economics. He dominates three languages Spanish, English and French.

He has a valuable professional experience in government institutions, private sector and as an independent consultant. For three years he worked in the Colombian Agency for Reintegration (ACR) as a junior advisor of the General Director. He left the ACR and joined a group of people with whom they developed a large-scale campaign to try and raise awareness of the peace-building challenges that lay ahead and encourage society to take part in the search for solutions and reconciliation. In association with ANDI (National Association of Industrials and Entrepreneurs) they created an awareness campaign in 2014 called ‘Soy Capaz’. He worked for a couple years as an independent consultant in communications and development. Currently, he is Project Manager at Movilizatorio, leading projects concerning citizen participation, social mobilisation and narrative transformation.

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