Enrique Gamboa Duran

Project Analyst.

E elavispero@movilizatorio.org

T @egamboad

Enrique completed university studies at the Higher College of Journalism in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the journalism profession captured his heart and commitment; during four years he lived in the Capital City of the Southern part of the continent. His passions include literature, arts, music and sports.

He commenced his professional practice as journalist at El Espectador, the publishing house where he worked for one year and, there, he ratified his devotion and motivation towards journalism. Thereafter, he worked for Utopos Producciones, an audiovisual medium focused on art and culture in Bogotá, where he performed as producer in various programs launched by the company.

His passion for literature led him to get involved in the world of letters and has attended a number of writing workshops which have strengthened his writing skills and story-telling across subjects linked to our society.

After his return to the country, he now joins the Movilizatorio team, full of expectation and willingness to work in the search for a better country and the promotion of changes in society.

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